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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends phototypesetting machine and photo processor that print and develop proof of phototypesetting type disk in disk manufacturing establishment: Selects roll of programmed tape from file, secures roll onto reel of phototypesetting machine, and threads tape through machine rollers and into reader to prepare machine for automatic operation.

  • 2) Cleans dust and lint from disk and places disk in phototypesetting machine.

  • 3) Depresses keys to enter command codes for projection of type images from type disk onto film cassette in photo unit of machine and onto screen of cathode ray tube.

  • 4) Scans images on screen to detect type defects and notifies SUPERVISOR, TYPE-DISK QUALITY CONTROL of irregularities.

  • 5) Removes film cassette from machine, places cassette on receiving platform of photo processor, and depresses switch to begin developing cycle.

  • 6) Depresses switch to stop machine when runoff emerges.

  • 7) Removes disk from phototypesetting machine, and places disk and runoff in specified storage area.




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