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Job Description:

  • 1) Fabricates blade structure of steam and gas turbines according to specifications and drawings, using machine tools, handtools, and measuring devices: Positions blades on bench to form sections, or positions and secures disk on positioner.

  • 2) Measures tenon location on blades with dial indicator and selects two blades with equal tenons for end blades of section.

  • 3) Sets up and operates milling machines and pedestal grinders to grind and mill blade roots to obtain specified section lengths, radial alignment, and root contact.

  • 4) Inserts blades into grooves of spindle, cylinder, or fixture and pounds metal caulking into groove to tighten blades.

  • 5) Operates grinders and metal saw to shape cylinder blade locking device, spindle filler pieces, and wedges from metal stock.

  • 6) Fits locking device to pocket of blade and smooths surfaces, using chalk, files, and abrasive paper.

  • 7) Drills, reams, and taps locking items, such as cylinder locks, spindle filler pieces, seals, and wedges, using drill press, and fastens them to blade by peening or inserting setscrew.

  • 8) Fits shroud over blade ends and peens blade tenon to round edges of rivets, using hammer and capping tool or pneumatic hammer.

  • 9) Measures head of rivet for specified clearance, using measuring tool.

  • 10) Grinds shroud end of each blade section to obtain specified clearance between shrouds, using pedestal grinder.

  • 11) May roll, cut, and chamfer shroud.




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End Of Job Description for: "TURBINE-BLADE ASSEMBLER"
DOT:   600.380-026

Job Number: 11564