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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls preheating chamber and tunnel kiln to preheat and bake clay products, such as brick, sewer pipe, mosaic tile, and ceramic and quarry tile: Observes color of fires and reactions of pyrometric cones to increases in temperatures in kiln and reads gauges and automatic recording instruments to verify specified temperatures in kiln.

  • 2) Turns fuel and air valves and opens or closes dampers to adjust temperatures.

  • 3) Pulls loaded kiln car from drier, opens preheater doors, and pushes kiln car into preheater, using car puller or transfer car.

  • 4) Closes preheater doors and starts mechanism that pushes car through preheater.

  • 5) Pulls loaded kiln cars from preheating chamber, opens tunnel kiln doors, and starts mechanism that pushes string of cars through kiln.

  • 6) Removes cars from tunnel kiln and moves them to sorting area, using transfer car.

  • 7) May control kiln equipped with automatic loading and drawing equipment.

  • 8) May control drying tunnel.

  • 9) May control tunnel kiln equipped with preheating chamber to bake clay products.

  • 10) May be designated according to type of tile burned as Bisque-Tile Burner; Glost-Tile Burner.




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