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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks to assemble cathode-ray tubes used in television and display equipment: Removes funnel from rack and places funnel onto conveyorized washing, rinsing, and drying equipment.

  • 2) Positions funnel in rotatable holding chuck to secure funnel for painting.

  • 3) Inserts brush into rotating funnel and paints dag coating as indicated by chuck guide to provide electric conductivity.

  • 4) Verifies that aperture mask and display screen fit together according to corresponding numbers.

  • 5) Examines aperture mask and screen in light box to detect misaligned color dots, using microscope.

  • 6) Positions funnel in rotatable chuck equipped with automatic frit dispenser.

  • 7) Moves controls that index frit dispenser around edge of funnel mouth to dispense sealant.

  • 8) Removes frit-coated funnel from chuck and secures funnel in jig for joining display screen assembly onto funnel.

  • 9) Positions display screen assembly on funnel edge and aligns screen with reference points on funnel.

  • 10) Pushes jig onto conveyor leading into oven to fuse funnel and display screen assembly into bulb.

  • 11) Places bulb on holding fixture of sprayer to coat interior surface of bulb with protective layer of lacquer.

  • 12) Places bulb onto holding fixture of evaporation equipment to apply aluminized coating to interior surface of bulb.

  • 13) Places bulb onto conveyor that carries bulb through processing stations to preheat bulb, insert and fuse gun to neck of bulb to form tube, and anneals and cools tube assembly.

  • 14) Places tube onto cart or conveyor for further processing.

  • 15) Inspects tube for imperfections, such as blemishes, coating defects, scratches, bubbles, or stains, using magnifier, ultraviolet light, inspection booth, or unaided vision.

  • 16) May be designated according to duties performed as Aluminizer; Bulb Assembler; Dag Coater; Frit Coater; Funnel Coater; Gun-Sealing-Machine Operator; Lacquer Sprayer.




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