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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends battery of machines that trim small arms cartridge cases, bullet jacket blanks, or artillery shell cases to specified length: Loads small arms cartridge cases or bullet jacket blanks into hopper of automatic machine or positions artillery shell cases by hand in feeding device of trim machine.

  • 2) Turns stop nuts and setscrews, using handtools, to adjust chuck and feed punch to cut blanks to specified length.

  • 3) Starts machine and observes operation of feeding, cutting, and ejection mechanisms to detect malfunction.

  • 4) Extracts jammed pieces, using fingers or wire hook.

  • 5) Examines trimmed pieces for such defects as dents, burrs, or scratches.

  • 6) Verifies conformity to specified dimensions, using fixed gauges.

  • 7) Sharpens cutters on bench grinder.




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End Of Job Description for: "TRIM-MACHINE OPERATOR"
DOT:   609.685-026

Job Number: 11454