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Job Description:

  • 1) Prunes and treats ornamental and shade trees and shrubs in yards and parks to improve their appearance, health, and value: Cuts out dead and undesirable limbs and trims trees to enhance beauty and growth.

  • 2) Scrapes decayed matter from cavities in trees, and fills holes with cement to promote healing and prevent further deterioration.

  • 3) Sprays and dusts pesticides on shrubs and trees to control pests and disease or sprays foliar fertilizers to increase plant growth, using hand or machine dusters and sprayers.

  • 4) Tops trees to control growth characteristics and to prevent interference with utility wires.

  • 5) May apply herbicides to kill brush and weeds.

  • 6) May fell and remove trees and bushes.

  • 7) May plant trees and shrubs.




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DOT:   408.181-010

Job Number: 11447