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Job Description:

  • 1) Plans itineraries, and arranges accommodations and other travel services for customers of travel agency: Converses with customer to determine destination, mode of transportation, travel dates, financial considerations, and accommodations required.

  • 2) Provides customer with brochures and publications containing travel information, such as local customs, points of interest, and special events occurring in various locations, or foreign country regulations, such as consular requirements and currency limitations.

  • 3) Computes cost of travel and accommodations, using calculator, computer, carrier tariff books, and hotel rate books, or quotes package tours' costs.

  • 4) Books transportation and hotel reservations, using computer terminal or telephone.

  • 5) Prints or requests transportation carrier tickets, using computer printer system or system link to travel carrier.

  • 6) Collects payment for transportation and accommodations from customer.

  • 7) Plans, describes, arranges, and sells itinerary tour packages and promotional travel incentives offered by various travel carriers, utilizing knowledge of available travel services and promotional techniques.

  • 8) May specialize in foreign or domestic travel, individual or group travel, specific geographic area, airplane charters, or package tours.

  • 9) May be located in transportation terminal and specialize in group and individual escorted tours and be designated Tour Agent.




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