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Job Description:

  • 1) Plans and coordinates in-hospital transplant services, solicits organ donors, and assists medical staff in organ retrieval for patients undergoing organ or tissue transplantation: Communicates with donors, patients, and health team members to ensure comprehensive documentation, including informed consent of potential organ donor and transplant recipient, equitable access to transplantation system, and access to treatment alternatives.

  • 2) Analyzes medical data of potential organ donors and transplant recipients from medical and social records, physical examination, and consultation with health team members to perform preliminary physical assessment and screen potential recipients and donors.

  • 3) Schedules recipient and donor laboratory tests to determine histocompatibility of blood or tissue of recipient and donor.

  • 4) Compares collected data to normal values and correlates and summarizes laboratory reports, x rays, and other tests to assist physician to determine medical suitability of procedure, to identify potential complicating factors, and to evaluate recipient and donor compatibility.

  • 5) Solicits medical and community groups for organ donors and assists medical team in retrieval of organs for transplantation, using medical instruments.

  • 6) Coordinates in-hospital services and counsels recipient and donor to alleviate anxieties and assist recipient and donor throughout procedure.

  • 7) Advises post-operative patients on therapies for managing health after transplant and serves as team member to monitor and assess progress of patient and offer advice and assistance to patient following transplant.

  • 8) May coordinate in-hospital services and be known as Clinical Transplant Coordinator.

  • 9) May coordinate organ and tissue procurement services and be known as Procurement Transplant Coordinator.




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