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Job Description:

  • 1) Assembles transformers according to specifications, performing any combination of following tasks: Reads work order to determine assembly procedure specified by customer.

  • 2) Cleans coils to remove materials accumulated during production processing.

  • 3) Removes accessories from coils, using screwdriver, and wraps coils with paper and tape, leaving ends of wire leads exposed.

  • 4) Inserts ends of wire leads of cores and coils into wire stripping machine to remove coating from wires.

  • 5) Inspects and twists stripped wires together by hand to join designated colored wires.

  • 6) Disassembles cores to facilitate attachment of coils and attaches cores to coils, using cloth tape and glue.

  • 7) Secures core/coils, using metal strapping, metal cutters, and band clippers.

  • 8) Positions wooden wedges that facilitate further processing of units in designated openings of core/coils, using rubber hammer.

  • 9) Turns knobs to set controls of test machine to verify that core/coils operate within specified range, attaches clips to wire leads of core/coils, and observes machine dials to determine test results.

  • 10) Routes defective core/coils for rework.

  • 11) Places component parts of terminals in press, activates press to join parts; or positions parts in fixture and joins parts, using solder and soldering iron, to fabricate terminals.

  • 12) Attaches terminals to core/coils, according to work order, using handtools, spacers, and soldering iron.

  • 13) Applies adhesive to inside of transformer case side sections.

  • 14) Positions and aligns wires and terminals of core/coils with openings in sections.

  • 15) Positions core/coil and side sections in welding machine, aligns seams of sections for welding, and presses buttons to activate welding machine to weld seams.

  • 16) Attaches clip probes to transformer terminals, and activates test equipment to determine whether units meet specifications.

  • 17) Positions, inserts, and attaches transformer parts, such as insulation panels, front and back metal covers, and base plates to complete assembly of transformers, using handtools.

  • 18) Stamps identification numbers on base of transformer, using metal dies and hammer.

  • 19) Repairs transformers with minor defects.




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End Of Job Description for: "TRANSFORMER ASSEMBLER II"
DOT:   820.684-010

Job Number: 11402