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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machine equipped with heated plate that transfers designs or identifying information, such as brand name, style, and size, from transfer paper onto such products as hosiery, towels, and wiping cloths: Selects roll of transfer paper according to work ticket and places roll on reel.

  • 2) Threads transfer paper through feed guides, under heated plate, and onto takeup reel of machine.

  • 3) Turns knob to specified temperature setting to heat transfer iron of machine.

  • 4) Turns setscrews to adjust feed guides of conveyor belt according to specifications.

  • 5) Places article on conveyor belt against guide or positions article on machine bed under transfer iron.

  • 6) Presses button or depresses pedal to start machine that lowers electrically heated iron onto transfer paper to transfer printed data or designs onto article.

  • 7) Examines article to detect deviations from standard and adjust feed guides as necessary or notifies supervisor.

  • 8) Places articles on table or handtruck.

  • 9) May tie specified number of articles in bundle, using string.

  • 10) May clean surface of transfer iron, using sandpaper.




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End Of Job Description for: "TRANSFER-MACHINE OPERATOR"
DOT:   659.685-022

Job Number: 11396