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Job Description:

  • 1) Drives gasoline or diesel-powered tractor-trailer combination, usually long distances, to transport and deliver products, livestock, or materials in liquid, loose, or packaged form: Drives truck to destination, applying knowledge of commercial driving regulations and skill in maneuvering vehicle in difficult situations, such as narrow passageways.

  • 2) Inspects truck for defects before and after trips and submits report indicating truck condition.

  • 3) Maintains driver log according to I.

  • 4) C.

  • 5) C.

  • 6) regulations.

  • 7) May assist workers in loading and unloading truck.

  • 8) May transport new automobiles or trucks from manufacturers or rail terminals to dealers and be designated Transport Driver.

  • 9) May drive tractor with two trailers hitched in tandem and be designated Double-Bottom Driver.

  • 10) May drive tractor-trailer combination to deliver poles for utility and construction companies and be designated Pole-Truck Driver.

  • 11) May work as member of two-person team driving tractor with sleeper bunk behind cab and be designated Long-Haul-Sleeper Driver.

  • 12) May drive tractor-trailer combination to deliver or spray water and be designated Water-Truck Driver I.




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