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Job Description:

  • 1) Paints articles, such as clock or instrument hands and dials, engraved surfaces, glass tubes, and ceramics, to cover or touch up articles, using brush: Inspects workpiece for inspector's markings or defects.

  • 2) Wipes, scrapes, sands, or applies cleaning solution to surface to prepare for retouching.

  • 3) Dips brush into specified paint or protective coating solution and applies it to surface of article specified.

  • 4) Brushes paint over surface and wipes it from unengraved area to paint engraved etchings.

  • 5) May apply coating of material, such as plastic wax or removable paint, to mask surfaces for plating, painting, or metallizing.

  • 6) May straighten parts, such as clock dials or hands, using jig or bench press, preparatory to painting.

  • 7) May paint original items, such as dials for custom-built instruments, freehand or using stencil or tracing device.




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