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Job Description:

  • 1) Receives, stores, and issues handtools, machine tools, dies, materials, and equipment in industrial establishment: Issues tools and equipment to workers and maintains records of tools and equipment issued and returned, manually or using computer.

  • 2) Locates lost or misplaced tools and equipment.

  • 3) Prepares periodic inventory or maintains perpetual inventory of tools and equipment, manually or using computer.

  • 4) Receives, unpacks, and stores incoming tools and equipment, and requisitions stock to replenish inventory.

  • 5) Inspects and measures tools and equipment for defects and wear, visually or using micrometer, and reports damage or wear to supervisors.

  • 6) Repairs, services, and lubricates tools and equipment, using handtools, spray gun, or pressurized spray can.

  • 7) May deliver tools or equipment to workers, manually or using handtruck.

  • 8) May mark and identify tools and equipment, using identification tag, stamp, or electric marking tool.

  • 9) May be designated according to item stored as Die-Storage Clerk.




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Job Number: 11306