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Job Description:

  • 1) Searches public and private records and indices to compile list of legal instruments pertaining to property titles, such as mortgages, deeds, and assessments, for insurance, real estate, or tax purposes: Reads search request to ascertain type of title evidence required, and to obtain legal description of property and names of involved parties.

  • 2) Compares legal description of property with legal description contained in records and indices, to verify such factors as deed of ownership, tax code and parcel number, and description of property's boundaries.

  • 3) Requisitions maps or drawings delineating property from company title plant, county surveyor, or assessor's office.

  • 4) Confers with realtors, lending institution personnel, buyers, sellers, contractors, surveyors, and courthouse personnel to obtain additional information.

  • 5) Compiles list of transactions pertaining to property, using legal description or name of owner to search lot books, geographic and general indices, or assessor's rolls.

  • 6) Examines title to determine if there are any restrictions which would limit use of property, prepares report listing restrictions, and indicates action needed to remove restrictions to clear title.

  • 7) Compiles information and documents required for title binder.

  • 8) Prepares title commitment and final policy of title insurance based on information compiled from title search.

  • 9) May specialize in searching tax records and be designated Tax Searcher.

  • 10) May use computerized system to retrieve additional documentation needed to complete real estate transaction.

  • 11) May retrieve and examine closing files to determine accuracy of information and to ensure that information included is recorded and executed according to regulations governing real estate industry.

  • 12) May prepare closing statement, utilizing knowledge of and expertise in real estate procedures.




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