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Job Description:

  • 1) Procures testimonial documents required to remove restrictions affecting title of landowners to property, and requisitions purchase orders and bank checks to satisfy requirements of contracts and agreements covering lease or purchase of land and gas, oil, and mineral rights: Examines leases, contracts, and purchase agreements to assure conformity to specified requirements.

  • 2) Examines abstract to assure complete title-coverage of land described, completeness of land description, and to detect lapses of time in abstract coverage of landowner's title.

  • 3) Prepares correspondence and other records to transmit leases and abstracts.

  • 4) Reviews title opinion to determine nature of testimonial documents needed to meet legal objections and to assure accuracy in terms of trade.

  • 5) Confers with personnel of abstract company, landowners, and LEASE BUYERS to explain reasons for and to obtain testimonial documents needed to clear title.

  • 6) Prepares or requests deeds, affidavits, and other documents and transmits them to appropriate persons for execution to meet title requirements.

  • 7) Investigates whether delinquent taxes are due on land involved in agreements and confers or corresponds with landowner to assure payment.

  • 8) Verifies computations of fees, rentals, bonuses, brokerage commissions and other expenses and prepares records to initiate requests for payment.

  • 9) Prepares purchase data sheet for records unit covering each trade or exchange.

  • 10) Answers queries regarding leases and contracts by mail, telephone, or personal discussion.




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DOT:   162.267-010

Job Number: 11264