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Job Description:

  • 1) Vulcanizes breaks and holes in casings and treads of motor vehicle tires: Cuts and trims broken sections of tire with knife.

  • 2) Scrapes and cleans area, using electrically or air-rotated wire brush.

  • 3) Coats break on inside of tire with rubber cement.

  • 4) Cuts raw and corded rubber patches and rolls them into rupture, using hand roller, to ensure adhesion.

  • 5) Covers rupture on outside of tire with tread rubber and works rubber into hole with hand roller.

  • 6) Trims patch, using knife.

  • 7) Places tire in tire mold of vulcanizing machine which has been heated to specified temperature.

  • 8) Adjusts air or steam bag inside tire, inflating it to exert pressure on tire in mold.

  • 9) Clamps tire in mold and allows it to remain until rubber is vulcanized and patch fused with surrounding rubber.

  • 10) May inspect and rebuff tire.




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End Of Job Description for: "TIRE VULCANIZER"
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Job Number: 11258