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Job Description:

  • 1) Raises and lowers deck of landing bridge to make bridge level with deck of ferryboat, and collects or punches tickets of passengers at ferryboat terminal: Starts windlass to adjust level of landing bridge for vehicles and pedestrians to board ferryboat, or tosses gangplank pull-ropes to workers who secure gangplank to deck of ferryboat.

  • 2) Inspects security of gangplank fastenings to dock.

  • 3) Opens doors or gates to admit passengers aboard ferryboat, and collects tickets or punches commuter tickets as pedestrians and vehicles go aboard.

  • 4) Closes doors and gates upon whistled signal from ferryboat, pulls gangplank back onto dock, and starts windlass to unhook ferryboat from landing bridge.

  • 5) Provides passengers information about ferryboat schedules.

  • 6) May move stalled or driverless vehicles and freight-loaded wagons on and off ferries, using industrial truck.




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End Of Job Description for: "TICKET TAKER, FERRYBOAT"
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Job Number: 11188