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Job Description:

  • 1) Sells tickets for travel on ferryboats, street railroads, buses, and for admission to places of entertainment, such as skating rinks, baseball parks, stadiums, and amusement parks: Depresses key on ticket-dispensing machine that automatically ejects number of tickets requested by patron or tears tickets from roll and hands ticket to patron.

  • 2) Accepts payment and makes change.

  • 3) Answers questions concerning fares, routes, schedules, and reservations, and gives information concerning coming attractions.

  • 4) Keeps daily balance sheet of cash received and tickets sold.

  • 5) May fill reservations for seats by telephone or mail.

  • 6) May sell tickets from box office and be designated Cashier, Box Office.

  • 7) May collect fares from repeat riders at amusement park and be designated Second-Ride-Fare Collector.

  • 8) May collect fares from railroad passengers at station and sell commuter tickets and be designated Station Agent II.




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End Of Job Description for: "TICKET SELLER"
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Job Number: 11186