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Job Description:

  • 1) Installs third rails on electric elevated or subway railway tracks: Treats wooden insulator blocks by soaking for specified time in hot paraffin.

  • 2) Assembles trolley chairs by forcing top and bottom castings onto wooden insulator blocks with compressed-air press, drilling bolt holes through castings and blocks with power drill, and driving rivets into holes, using rivet gun.

  • 3) Paints anchor blocks with preservative to protect against rot.

  • 4) Installs trolley chairs beneath third rail at ends of rail sections by boring holes through tie and bottom castings and screwing trolley chairs to tie.

  • 5) Installs anchor blocks at center of third-rail sections, bolting block to rail and tie.

  • 6) Arc welds copper bands at junction of rails to provide unbroken electrical connections between rail sections.

  • 7) Fastens and positions annunciator rails to third-rail at specified points so contact will be made with third-rail shoe of passing trains.

  • 8) May specialize in installation and maintenance of conduit systems for electric street railways and be designated Conduit Installer.




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End Of Job Description for: "THIRD-RAIL INSTALLER"
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Job Number: 11156