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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends thickeners that separate waste solids from ore solutions or water, preparatory to recovery of metal or disposal of waste: Turns valves to regulate flow of mixture into thickeners.

  • 2) Inserts indicator into mixture to measure sludge level.

  • 3) Observes operation of equipment, overflow of concentrated metal solution, and flow of sludge from tank.

  • 4) Breaks up sedimentation in troughs with wooden paddle.

  • 5) Prepares sample of sludge for chemical analysis by weighing sample, adding acid to facilitate settling of solids, and reducing amount of sample to desired proportion in splitter.

  • 6) May titrate sample and compare resultant color with standard chart to test overflow solution for metallic content.

  • 7) May add chemicals to soften water in tanks.

  • 8) May fill out forms for scale readings and details of malfunctions.

  • 9) May be designated according to kind of materials separated as Red-Mud Thickener Operator; Tailing-Thickener Operator.




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