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Job Description:

  • 1) Supervises and coordinates activities of TELEPHONE OPERATORS in telephone or telegraph office or in industrial establishment: Notifies telephone company maintenance department of switchboard operational difficulties reported by operators.

  • 2) Prepares work schedules and assigns switchboard positions.

  • 3) Trains new employees and keeps attendance records.

  • 4) Maintains record of incoming and outgoing long-distance and tie line calls, noting duration and time of calls.

  • 5) Keeps record of employees' personal calls and forwards record to department head for collection.

  • 6) Compiles plant phone directory, arranges for distribution to designated personnel, and keeps record of directories distributed.

  • 7) Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.

  • 8) May relieve operators.

  • 9) May supervise operators of telephone answering and message service and be designated Supervisor, Telephone-Answering-Service.




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End Of Job Description for: "TELEPHONE OPERATOR, CHIEF"
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Job Number: 11060