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Job Description:

  • 1) Teaches vocational skills to handicapped students: Confers with students, parents, school personnel, and other individuals to plan vocational training that meets needs, interests, and abilities of students.

  • 2) Instructs students in areas such as personal-social skills and work-related attitudes and behaviors.

  • 3) Develops work opportunities that allow students to experience success in performing tasks of increasing difficulty and that teach work values, such as self-improvement, independence, dependability, productivity, and pride of work.

  • 4) Conducts field trips to enable students to learn about job activities and to explore work environments.

  • 5) May teach academic skills to students.

  • 6) May instruct students in one or more vocational skills, such as woodworking, building maintenance, cosmetology, food preparation, gardening, sewing, or nurse aiding.




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End Of Job Description for: "TEACHER, VOCATIONAL TRAINING"
DOT:   094.227-026

Job Number: 11041