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Job Description:

  • 1) Teaches elementary and secondary school subjects and daily living skills to visually impaired students: Instructs students in reading and writing, using magnification equipment and large print material or braille system.

  • 2) Confers with parents, administrator, testing specialists, social worker, and others to develop individual educational program for students.

  • 3) Plans curriculum and prepares lessons and other instructional materials, according to grade level of students.

  • 4) Transcribes lessons and other materials into braille for blind students or large print for low vision students.

  • 5) Reviews and corrects completed assignments, using such aids as braille writer, slate and stylus, or computer.

  • 6) Arranges for and conducts field trips designed to promote experiential learning.

  • 7) Instructs students in academic subject areas and daily living skills, such as hygiene, safety, and food preparation.

  • 8) Encourages students to participate in verbal and sensory classroom learning experiences to ensure their comprehension of subject matter, development of social skills, and ability to identify objects encountered in daily living.

  • 9) Meets with parents to discuss how parents can encourage student's independence and well-being and to provide guidance in using community resources.

  • 10) May counsel students.

  • 11) May teach braille to individuals with sight and be designated Instructor, Braille.




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