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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates supercalender machine to impart specified gloss and finish to surface of paper: Positions roll of paper on machine reel stand, using hoist.

  • 2) Fastens collar and alignment guides on shaft to secure roll, using wrench.

  • 3) Threads paper around feed, calender, and tension rolls, and wraps end of paper around core shaft of rewinder roll.

  • 4) Observes gauge and turns valve to control temperature by regulating flow of steam to calender rolls.

  • 5) Turns handwheels to control tension of paper and pressure of rolls.

  • 6) Inspects paper for dirt, slime spots, wrinkles, and compactness of winding.

  • 7) Splices breaks in paper with glue or splicing paper, and seals splices with heated flatiron.

  • 8) Tests paper samples for gloss and finish, using glarimeter.

  • 9) Holds sandpaper against revolving rolls to remove lint and dirt.




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End Of Job Description for: "SUPERCALENDER OPERATOR"
DOT:   534.682-038

Job Number: 10117