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Job Description:

  • 1) Produces recordings of electromotive variations in action of heart muscle, using electrocardiograph, while patient walks on treadmill, under direction of physician, to provide data for diagnosis of heart ailments: Attaches electrodes to patient's arms, legs, and chest area, according to specified pattern, and connects electrode leads to electrocardiograph, to obtain electrocardiogram.

  • 2) Explains testing procedures to patient and obtains consent form.

  • 3) Starts treadmill at speed directed by physician.

  • 4) Starts electrocardiograph and records data, such as angle and speed of treadmill, patient's indications of pain, and measurements of blood pressure.

  • 5) Informs physician of wave abnormalities on electrocardiogram.

  • 6) Stands alongside patient during test to lend support if necessary.

  • 7) Removes recorder strip printout from machine upon conclusion of test to obtain permanent record of test.

  • 8) Edits and mounts representative samples of tracings for patient's record, indicating time of test measurement and bodily factors that could have affected recording.

  • 9) May conduct electrocardiograph test of resting patient.




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