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Job Description:

  • 1) Drives sweeping machine that cleans streets of trash and other accumulations: Fills water tank of machine from hydrant.

  • 2) Drives sweeper along street near curb.

  • 3) Moves controls to activate rotary brushes and water spray so that machine automatically picks up dust and trash from paved street and deposits it in dirt trap at rear of machine.

  • 4) Pulls lever to dump refuse in piles at curb for removal.

  • 5) May be employed by industrial plant, shopping center, or other establishment to drive modified sweeper through parking lots, factory aisles, or along private roads and be designated Power-Sweeper Operator.

  • 6) May drive machine that sucks leaves into vacuum chamber and be designated Leaf-Sucker Operator.

  • 7) May drive vehicle equipped with rotating brushes to remove sand and litter from newly constructed highways and be designated Sweeper Operator, Highways.




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End Of Job Description for: "STREET-SWEEPER OPERATOR"
DOT:   919.683-022

Job Number: 10024