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Job Description:

  • 1) Designs, lays out, and cuts letters for stenciling railroad cars, according to specifications, using precision measuring and drawing instruments and handtools: Draws letter designs on stencil paper, using rule, triangle, T-square and pen or pencil.

  • 2) Brushes shellac and linseed oil on both sides of stencil paper to stiffen and preserve stencil.

  • 3) Cuts out letters, using knife or stencil-cutting machine.

  • 4) Constructs wood stencil frame, using miter box, saw, and hammer.

  • 5) Tacks stencil onto frame, using hammer or staple gun.

  • 6) May apply protective coating to exterior surfaces of locomotives, fixtures, and buildings, using brush, spray gun, or paint rollers.

  • 7) May stencil letters on cars, using brush or spray gun and be designated Car Letterer.




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End Of Job Description for: "STENCIL CUTTER"
DOT:   970.381-038

Job Number: 9871