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Job Description:

  • 1) Identifies stains in wool, synthetic, and silk garments and household fabrics and applies chemical solutions to remove stains, determining spotting procedures on basis of type of fabric and nature of stain: Spreads article on worktable and positions stain over vacuum head or on marble slab.

  • 2) Sprinkles chemical solvents over stain and pats area with brush or sponge until stain is removed.

  • 3) Applies chemicals to neutralize effect of solvents.

  • 4) Sprays steam, water, or air over spot to flush out chemicals and dry garment.

  • 5) Applies bleaching powder to spot and sprays with steam to remove stains from certain fabrics which do not respond to other cleaning solvents.

  • 6) May mix bleaching agent with hot water in vats and soak material until bleached.

  • 7) May operate drycleaning machine.

  • 8) May be designated according to type of material spotted as Silk Spotter; Wool Spotter.




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DOT:   362.381-010

Job Number: 9707