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Job Description:

  • 1) Feeds and off bears section of spooling machine that ties yarn ends automatically and transfers yarn from bobbins to cheeses: Places starter cheeses on winding spindles.

  • 2) Places full bobbins in individual magazines of machine.

  • 3) Pulls end of yarn over guides or into suction device of machine to be picked up and tied to end of starter cheese by knotter which travels on track over machine.

  • 4) Doffs full cheeses and places cheeses on trident on handtruck, or into trough located beside machine.

  • 5) May sort bobbins ejected by machine according to amount of yarn on bobbin.

  • 6) May strip defective yarn from bobbins, using knife, or by winding yarn on revolving spindle.

  • 7) May attach pregummed labels to inside of cones to identify cheeses or packages.




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End Of Job Description for: "SPOOLER OPERATOR, AUTOMATIC"
DOT:   681.686-018

Job Number: 9696