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Job Description:

  • 1) Joins strips of undeveloped film and winds film onto reels for subsequent processing, using splicing device and bench winder: Places one roll of film on spindle and another at end of splicer.

  • 2) Positions ends of each roll in splicing device.

  • 3) Depresses pedal to trim ends and form joint, or perforates film, using hand punch.

  • 4) Depresses pedal to drive staples into ends of film, pushes switch to lower heat-sealing head over film ends, or applies adhesive tape over joint to splice film ends.

  • 5) Removes film from splicing device and winds film on reel, using bench winder.

  • 6) Places film in container.

  • 7) May cut 16 mm.

  • 8) film into 8 mm.

  • 9) strips before splicing and be designated Slitter, Processed Film.




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End Of Job Description for: "SPLICER"
DOT:   976.684-026

Job Number: 9676