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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates spinning lathe to spin shaped articles from sheet or plate metal, using blueprints and knowledge of physical properties of metal: Bolts specified spinning chuck to headstock spindle and follow block to tailstock, using handtools or power tools.

  • 2) Clamps metal disk to chuck by turning handwheel that forces follow block against disk.

  • 3) Secures steady rest fixture on cross-slide.

  • 4) Starts machine and coats outside of rotating disk with spinning compound.

  • 5) Positions, holds, and moves long-handled compound lever tool against disk, using steady rest as fulcrum point, to apply required pressure to form disk over and into shape of spinning chuck.

  • 6) Varies amount and location of pressure on disk according to type of metal, shape of spinning chuck, speed of lathe, and temperature and thickness of metal disk.

  • 7) Replaces steady rest with bar tool attachment, turns handwheel to set bar tool and cut off excess metal from workpiece.

  • 8) Verifies dimension of finished article with steel rule and diameter tape.

  • 9) May form wood spinning chucks by turning on lathe.




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