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Job Description:

  • 1) Edits and synchronizes music, dialogue, and sound effects of motion picture film and video tape into single sound-print for film or video-tape production: Loads combination sound-and-picture reproducing machine with picture and sound-track films and video tape.

  • 2) Starts machine, views action through aperture, and listens to sound being reproduced, using earphones.

  • 3) Notes dupe sheet for sound effects to accompany or punctuate action.

  • 4) Determines that sound matches picture or dupe sheet indicates sound-effect insertion.

  • 5) Stops machine at such points and marks symbol on film with grease pencil or notches symbol on video tape, using electronic device.

  • 6) Rewinds prints onto reels by reversing action of machine.

  • 7) Sets reels on rewinder, turns handle until both sound and picture are unwound to points marked by symbol, and splices sound effect into sound print.




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End Of Job Description for: "SOUND CUTTER"
DOT:   962.382-014

Job Number: 9605