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Job Description:

  • 1) Conducts research into development, structure, and behavior of groups of human beings and patterns of culture and social organization which have arisen out of group life in society.

  • 2) Collects and analyzes scientific data concerning social phenomena, such as community, associations, social institutions, ethnic minorities, social classes, and social change.

  • 3) May teach sociology, direct research, prepare technical publications, or act as consultant to lawmakers, administrators, and other officials dealing with problems of social policy.

  • 4) May specialize in research on relationship between criminal law and social order in causes of crime and behavior of criminals and be designated Criminologist.

  • 5) May specialize in research on punishment for crime and control and prevention of crime, management of penal institutions, and rehabilitation of criminal offenders and be designated Penologist.

  • 6) May specialize in research on group relationships and processes in an industrial organization and be designated Industrial Sociologist.

  • 7) May specialize in research on rural communities in contrast with urban communities and special problems occasioned by impact of scientific and industrial revolutions on rural way of life and be designated Rural Sociologist.

  • 8) May specialize in research on interrelations between physical environment and technology in spatial distribution of people and their activities and be designated Social Ecologist.

  • 9) May specialize in research on social problems arising from individual or group deviation from commonly accepted standards of conduct, such as crime and delinquency, or social problems and racial discrimination rooted in failure of society to achieve its collective purposes and be designated Social Problems Specialist.

  • 10) May specialize in research on origin, growth, structure, and demographic characteristics of cities and social patterns and distinctive problems that result from urban environment and be designated Urban Sociologist.

  • 11) May specialize in research on social factors affecting health care, including definition of illness, patient and practitioner behavior, social epidemiology, and delivery of health care, and be designated Medical Sociologist.

  • 12) May plan and conduct demographic research, surveys, and experiments to study human populations and affecting trends and be designated Demographer II.




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