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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs all hand and machine operations to make smoking-pipe bowls and stems from briar blocks: Sets up preselected block in fixture of wood-turning lathe.

  • 2) Sets up cutters in lathe chuck, and moves block forward to cause cutters to partially turn and face bowl of pipe.

  • 3) Replaces cutting tools to bore inside of bowl.

  • 4) Clamps block in frazing machine and forces it against cutters that duplicate lower part of bowl and shank to preselected pipe shape.

  • 5) Places shank in holder of drill press and drills and reams shank hole.

  • 6) Selects appropriate bit and drills airhole from mortice hole through shank into bowl chamber.

  • 7) Removes bowl from drill press and digs into bowl and shank to remove rotten briar and rough spots, using sharp handtool.

  • 8) Threads shank and stem, using threading machine.

  • 9) Inserts metal bushing in shank with handtool.

  • 10) Inspects pipe for flaws, cracks, or irregularities.

  • 11) Dips pipe in stain solution to highlight grain and color of briar and wipes pipe dry with soft cloth.

  • 12) Coats inside bowl chamber with specified mixture to sweeten bowl, using brush.

  • 13) Screws or presses stem into shank to assemble pipe, using handtools.

  • 14) Holds assembled pipe against sanding and buffing wheels to finish and polish surface.




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