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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates attrition mill, hydrabeater, and related equipment to produce slurry for subsequent processing into shotgun shell wads: Feeds bagasse and scrap paper into attrition mill that shreds material.

  • 2) Turns handwheel to adjust hydrabeater blades according to slurry consistency specified, and adjusts timer for prescribed cycle.

  • 3) Weighs and measures specified quantities of milled material, wood flour, starch, and dyes, according to formula, and dumps ingredients into hydrabeater in prescribed sequence, using lift truck.

  • 4) Drains unabsorbed water from measured quantity of slurry into graduated cup to determine slurry freeness and adjusts beating time and water content of next batch accordingly to maintain uniform consistency of batches.

  • 5) Starts pump to transfer slurry into dilution tank, starts agitator in tank, and admits metered amount of water to dilute slurry to specified consistency.

  • 6) Pumps slurry into holding tank and signals WAD-COMPRESSOR OPERATOR-ADJUSTER to start molding machine.




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End Of Job Description for: "SLURRY MIXER"
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Job Number: 9518