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Job Description:

  • 1) Cuts material for slipcovers according to size and shape of furniture to match patterns and ensure economical use of material: Reads order to determine type and amount of material required, and obtains materials from stockroom.

  • 2) Determines from experience and knowledge of materials approximate yardage necessary to cover furniture, allowing for shrinkage and stitching.

  • 3) Measures, drapes, and smooths material, wrong-side-out, over sections of furniture to ensure most economical use and to serve as guide in matching shades, colors, and designs in cloth.

  • 4) Determines cutting lines by pinning or marking fabric, using shape of furniture as outline.

  • 5) Cuts fabric along marked lines.

  • 6) Pins cut pieces together and fits assembled unit over furniture, making adjustments with pins to attain required fitting.

  • 7) Wraps fitted pieces together and delivers to shop for sewing.

  • 8) Records amount of time required for each assignment.

  • 9) May visit customer's home to cut material for slipcovers.

  • 10) May cut material for draperies.

  • 11) May cut out slipcover parts from patterns, using rotary knife.




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