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Job Description:

  • 1) Sketches cloth designs onto transparent paper for subsequent transfer to printing rollers by photographic process, using drafting tools and artists' work aids: Studies customer's design to locate one complete repeat of pattern.

  • 2) Lays out reference points on design according to location of pattern repeat and motifs within repeat, using ruler, dividers, and pencil.

  • 3) Places design on lighted drafting table, covers design with sheet of transparent paper, and transfers reference points from design to paper.

  • 4) Holds paper against design with stylus and sketches each color in pattern repeat on separate sheet of paper, using pen, brush, sponge, opaque, india ink, and watercolors.

  • 5) Varies intensity of sketch according to design so that printing rollers will be etched in manner that will produce shades and tones of color.

  • 6) Corrects flaws left in design by artist or designer and alters design to make it practical for printing, employing knowledge of fabrics, colors, and etching and printing techniques.

  • 7) Assembles sketches into composite sketch and compares composite with design to determine if parts of design join together to reproduce complete design.

  • 8) Routes sketches to PHOTOGRAPHER, PHOTOENGRAVING for transfer to film.




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End Of Job Description for: "SKETCH MAKER, PHOTOENGRAVING"
DOT:   970.281-026

Job Number: 9437