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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates silvering range to mix and spray tin, silver, and copper solutions on mirror glass: Weighs or measures chemical ingredients, following formula.

  • 2) Turns valves to admit steam and specified amount of water into mixing vat.

  • 3) Verifies water temperature and pours ingredients into vat.

  • 4) Starts power mixer to mix solutions for specified time.

  • 5) Turns valve to drain solutions into storage tanks.

  • 6) Starts unit of range and turns valves to start flow of solutions into spray heads.

  • 7) Observes silvering process to detect clogged sprays, uneven silver and copper coating, and imperfections, such as streaks and spots, and color of sludge, that indicate impure water or faulty copper and silver mix.

  • 8) Turns valves to regulate air pressure to sprayer and to maintain specified water temperature.

  • 9) Removes spray heads and pipes with wrenches and soaks spray heads in cleaning fluid.

  • 10) Records batches mixed and chemicals used.

  • 11) May measure and record thickness of silver coating, using gauge.




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