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Job Description:

  • 1) Erects preassembled illuminated signs on buildings or other structures, according to sketches, drawings, or blueprints: Measures location for sign and marks points where holes for expansion shields are to be drilled, using measuring tape and chalk.

  • 2) Drills holes, using star drill.

  • 3) Drives expansion shield into hole with hammer, and secures lag bolts in shield, using wrench.

  • 4) Attaches hanging pole for sign to building front with lag bolts, and secures pole with guy wires attached from pole to lag bolts.

  • 5) Secures cornice hook on roof, rigs block and tackle, and hoists sign into position, or operates hydraulic boom to position sign.

  • 6) Secures sign to hanging pole with hooks.

  • 7) Makes electrical connections to power source and tests sign for correct operation.

  • 8) May prewire sign before installing.

  • 9) May use welding equipment when installing sign.

  • 10) May mount plastic signs with adhesives.

  • 11) May fabricate signs according to specifications and be designated Sign Maker.




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Job Number: 9371