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Job Description:

  • 1) Erects wood or metal framework for use as billboards for outdoor advertisements: Examines blueprints and measures distances with rule and tape to lay out work.

  • 2) Cuts wooden structural parts to shape and size, using power-driven woodworking machines.

  • 3) Directs HOLE-DIGGER-TRUCK DRIVER in digging holes and setting poles to support structure.

  • 4) Drills holes in masonry or concrete walls with portable power drill, and installs anchor bolts, working from swinging scaffold to install supports on side of buildings.

  • 5) Bolts or nails billboard framework to supports, and directs WELDER, ARC in welding metal joints.

  • 6) Bolts, nails, or screws wood or metal panels to framework to form base for billboards.

  • 7) Bolts, screws, or clips metal trim in place to form decorative seal for joints between panel and framework.

  • 8) Erects scaffolds and hoists.

  • 9) Repairs billboards by replacing defective parts.

  • 10) May fabricate sign parts, using woodworking and metalworking machines.

  • 11) May paint completed billboard.

  • 12) May install floodlight fixtures.

  • 13) May dig post holes by hand and secure posts in holes.




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