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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends equipment in shot tower that segregates, routes, blends, and polishes shot used in shotgun shells: Starts bucket elevator that conveys newly formed pellets to shot tower and into screening drums that remove oversize and undersize pellets.

  • 2) Turns crank to adjust angle of glass plates over which screened shot is rolled to remove out-of-round pellets, using graduated measuring stick to verify pitch.

  • 3) Pulls levers and chains to direct flow of shot into sieves, polishing barrel, and storage bins, or into scrap bin for remelting.

  • 4) Connects Y-pipe between specified bins and polishing barrel, starts barrel rotating, and opens bin valves to blend full and off-size shot by flowing shot together in Y-pipe.

  • 5) Weighs sample of mixed shot at designated intervals and counts total number of pellets in sample, using pellet counting plate.

  • 6) Measures size of pellets, using pellet measuring stick, and counts number of each size to determine average size.

  • 7) Rolls pellets under dial micrometer to ascertain roundness of pellets.

  • 8) Turns valves by trial and error to obtain shot blend that conforms to specifications.

  • 9) Records results of tests.




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End Of Job Description for: "SHOT POLISHER AND INSPECTOR"
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Job Number: 9330