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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates shot-peening equipment to shallow form and improve stress tolerance of flight vehicle metal surfaces, according to specifications: Reads and interprets blueprints, sketches, work orders, and other documentation to determine layout of specific areas to be shot-peened, sequence of operations, and finish specifications.

  • 2) Lays out and marks areas to be shot-peened on test specimen or part, using measuring and marking instruments, or fits template over part, scribes pattern, and peels away masking compound to expose areas to be treated.

  • 3) Mounts part on jig, rotary table, or in shot-peening cabinet.

  • 4) Fills hopper with specific size and type shot.

  • 5) Sets up, operates, and adjusts shot-peening equipment to achieve specified contour on test specimen or part.

  • 6) Measures and checks test specimen or part to verify conformance to specifications and to determine required equipment adjustments, using measuring instruments, templates, and fixtures.

  • 7) Records data on equipment settings and adjustments, such as feed rate, nozzle angles and oscillation, number and size of nozzles required, shot size, and air or vacuum pressure settings, to be used for subsequent operation and to develop numerical control programming data.

  • 8) Loads control media, such as computer tape, in control console of equipment, or enters commands to retrieve control instructions from computer data base to operate equipment automatically.

  • 9) Observes operation of equipment to detect malfunctions.

  • 10) Peels masking material from completed part, and cleans part with solutions to remove adhering scale and particles.




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