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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls kettles at top of shot tower to melt scrap shot, pure lead, and lead alloys and drops mixture through perforated pans down tower to form shot for shotgun shells: Computes in pigs and pounds, amounts of pure lead and lead alloys, containing various percentages of antimony, required to produce mixture of specified antimony content.

  • 2) Notifies MATERIAL HANDLER type and quantity of pigs to load onto conveyor.

  • 3) Starts conveyor and turns wheel or moves lever to regulate feed rate of lead pigs and scrap shot into kettle.

  • 4) Observes pyrometers and turns knobs to adjust kettle temperature, according to specifications.

  • 5) Positions specified shot pan, spreader pan, and cup in fixture beneath kettle spout.

  • 6) Turns crank to regulate molten metal flow from kettle into cup.

  • 7) Observes falling pellets to detect defects, such as irregular shot size, clogged holes in shot pan, and impurities in lead.

  • 8) Adjusts flow of lead to increase or decrease size of pellets.

  • 9) Adjusts kettle temperature to burn out impurities.

  • 10) Removes pans and dips pans in kettle to melt clogged lead from perforations prior to reuse.

  • 11) Shakes shot samples through gauging sieve and estimates production of specified shot size from percentage of pellets passing through sieve.




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