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Job Description:

  • 1) Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in verifying and keeping records on incoming and outgoing shipments, and preparing items for shipment: Studies shipping notices, bills of lading, invoices, orders, and other records to determine shipping priorities, work assignments, and shipping methods required to meet shipping and receiving schedules, utilizing knowledge of shipping procedures, routes, and rates.

  • 2) Oversees incoming and outgoing shipping activities to ensure accuracy, completeness, and condition of shipments.

  • 3) Determines space requirements and position of shipment in boxcars and trucks and lays out position of shipment.

  • 4) Determines routing and legal load limits of trucks, according to established schedules and weight limits of states.

  • 5) Inspects loading operations to ensure compliance with shipping specifications, and seals loaded boxcars and truck doors.

  • 6) Inspects material handling equipment for defects and notifies maintenance personnel or contacts outside service facility for repair.

  • 7) Maintains vehicle maintenance report.

  • 8) Directs movement of shipments from shipping and receiving platform to storage and work areas.

  • 9) Compiles records of unfilled orders.

  • 10) Posts weight and shipping charges.

  • 11) Prepares bills of lading.

  • 12) Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.

  • 13) May assist workers in shipping and receiving activities.

  • 14) May be designated according to function supervised as Receiving Supervisor; Shipping Supervisor.




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Job Number: 9297