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Job Description:

  • 1) Repairs and maintains municipal storm and sanitary sewer lines, performing any combination of following tasks: Inspects manholes to locate stoppage.

  • 2) Runs cleaning rods through rod guide, fits front end of rod with auger, using wrench, and lowers guide into position.

  • 3) Thrusts rods into invert and advances them until auger reaches obstruction.

  • 4) Rotates rods manually with turning pin, or attaches end of rod to portable power rodder to rotate rods.

  • 5) Pulls lever and depresses pedal of machine to advance cleaning tool to encounter obstruction and to rotate cable or rods until obstacle is broken.

  • 6) Retracts rods to drag out obstructions, such as roots, grease, and other deposits.

  • 7) Cleans and repairs catch basins, manholes, culverts, and storm drains, using handtools.

  • 8) Lays brick to raise manhole walls to prescribed street level, using masonry tools.

  • 9) Measures distance of excavation site, using tape measure, and marks outline of area to be trenched according to direction of supervisor.

  • 10) Breaks asphalt and other pavement, using airhammer, pick, and shovel.

  • 11) Cuts damaged section of pipe with cutters and removes broken section from ditch.

  • 12) Replaces broken pipes and reconnects pipe sections, using pipe sleeve.

  • 13) Inspects joints to ensure tightness and seal before backfilling.

  • 14) Packs backfilled excavation, using air and gasoline tamper.

  • 15) Taps mainline sewers to install sewer saddles.

  • 16) Replaces manhole covers.

  • 17) Updates sewer maps and manhole charting.

  • 18) Drives pickup trucks to haul crew, materials, and equipment.

  • 19) Services, adjusts, and makes minor repairs to equipment, machines, and attachments.

  • 20) Communicates with supervisor and other workers, using radio telephone.

  • 21) Prepares records showing actions taken, human resource and equipment utilization, and disposition of material.

  • 22) Requisitions tools and equipment.

  • 23) Operates sewer cleaning equipment including power rodder, high velocity water jet, sewer flusher, bucket machine, wayne ball, and vac-all.

  • 24) Cleans and disinfects domestic basements and other areas flooded as a result of sewer stoppages.

  • 25) May lead workers in large repair and construction crew and direct other workers in efficient and safe use of machines, work methods, and safety procedures.




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