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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks to process materials used in manufacture of electronic semiconductors: Saws, breaks, cleans, and weighs semiconductor materials to prepare materials for crystal growing.

  • 2) Forms seed crystal for crystal growing, using x-ray equipment, drill, and sanding machine.

  • 3) Loads semiconductor material, seed crystal, and dopant into crystal growing furnace and monitors furnace to grow crystal ingot of specified characteristics.

  • 4) Grinds ingot to attain specified diameter and cylindricity, using grinding machine.

  • 5) Locates crystal axis of ingot, using x-ray equipment, and grinds flat on ingot.

  • 6) Saws ingot into wafers, using power saw.

  • 7) Etches, laps, polishes, and heat treats wafers to produce wafers of specified thickness and finish, using etching equipment, lapping and polishing machines, and furnace.

  • 8) Cleans materials, seed crystals, ingots, and wafers, using cleaning, etching, and sandblasting equipment.

  • 9) Inspects materials, ingots, and wafers for surface defects.

  • 10) Measures dimensions of ingots and wafers, using precision measuring instruments.

  • 11) Tests electrical characteristics of materials, ingots, and wafers, using electrical test equipment.




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