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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of tasks involved in cleaning ship's galleys, bakery, and butcher shop: Cleans pots and pans, dishes, chopping blocks, and service stations, by hand or using dishwashing machine.

  • 2) Polishes silver chafing dishes and coffee pots.

  • 3) Places washed glasses in rack to prevent breakage.

  • 4) Defrosts and cleans reefers and iceboxes.

  • 5) Cleans and culls vegetables and fruits.

  • 6) Dumps garbage and cleans can.

  • 7) Swabs deck of assigned area.

  • 8) Carries supplies from reefers and storerooms to galleys, pantries, bakery, and butcher shop.

  • 9) Stocks serving stations with dishes and stores.

  • 10) May be designated according to type of work performed as Baker Scullion; Butcher Scullion; Glass Scullion; Silverware Washer; Vegetable Scullion; or according to area to which assigned as Main-Galley Scullion.

  • 11) May give directions to workers and be designated Scullion Chief.

  • 12) When work is performed on cargo ship, is usually known as Utility Hand.




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