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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs various underwater jobs, wearing diving gear, such as self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, mask, flippers, and insulated suit: Swims from boat, dock, or shore to job site.

  • 2) Dives to locate or recover submerged automobiles, boats, logs, and articles, such as purses, keys, and other valuables.

  • 3) Swims to bottom and fastens lines or chains around heavy objects and attaches to lowered hook.

  • 4) Picks up lightweight objects and carries to surface.

  • 5) May search for bodies.

  • 6) May fish for abalone, crab, or sponge.

  • 7) May use safety line, and communicate with tender by jerking on line.

  • 8) May repair underwater installations.

  • 9) May engage in fire fighting activities.




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