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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machines, such as baling machine, centrifugal separator, and oil purifier to salvage metal parts and cutting oil: Loads and moves barrels or crates of metal chips, shavings, or clippings from machining operations, using handtruck.

  • 2) Dumps metal scrap into baling machine and activates machine to compress scrap into bales.

  • 3) Binds bales of metal scrap with wire or metal strapping.

  • 4) Shovels scrap in spinner bucket.

  • 5) Clamps covers, sets timer, adjusts sump pump and oil line valves, and flips switches to start automatic cycle of centrifugal machine that spins metal scrap to separate cutting oil from scrap.

  • 6) Starts centrifugal oil purifier that filters foreign matter from used cutting oil to make oil reusable.

  • 7) Disassembles rejected devices and materials, such as thermostats, valves, conduit, and connectors, using handtools, arbor press, vises, and power hacksaw.

  • 8) Sorts parts according to type of metal or part.

  • 9) Weighs bales and barrels of scrap metal and ties identification tags on scrap.

  • 10) May oversee and demonstrate salvaging procedures to other SCRAP HANDLERS.




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Job Number: 9029