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Job Description:

  • 1) Fabricates, modifies, and repairs experimental and laboratory glass products, using variety of machines and tools, and provides technical advice to scientific and engineering staff on function, properties, and proposed design of products, applying knowledge of glass technology: Confers with scientific or engineering personnel to exchange information and suggest design modifications regarding proposed glass apparatus, such as distillation and high-vacuum systems.

  • 2) Cuts glass tubing of specified type, using cutting tools, such as glass saw and hot-wire cutter.

  • 3) Heats glass tubing until pliable, using gas torch, and blows, bends, and shapes tubing to specified form, using blowhose, handtools, and manual pressure.

  • 4) Performs finishing operations to fabricate glass product or section, using machines and equipment, such as lapping and polishing wheels, spot-welding and sandblasting machines, internal-plating equipment, and drill press.

  • 5) Measures products to verify dimensions, using optical scanner, micrometers, and calipers, and examines glass coloration for degree of internal stress, using polariscope, to determine annealing requirements.

  • 6) Anneals products, using annealing oven.

  • 7) Joins and seals subassemblies to assemble finished product, using gas torch, handtools, and vacuum pump.

  • 8) May operate special equipment, such as radio-frequency-fusing machine, to bond glass to metal, quartz, and ceramic materials.

  • 9) May identify glass of unknown composition by heating with gas torch and evaluating curvature, bondability, and color characteristics.

  • 10) May direct and train GLASS BLOWERS, LABORATORY APPARATUS.

  • 11) May design fixtures for use in production of prototype glass products and prepare sketches for machine-shop personnel.

  • 12) May prepare cost estimates for prototype glass products.

  • 13) May requisition or recommend purchase of materials, tools, and equipment.

  • 14) May specialize in specific types of glass scientific apparatus and have knowledge of effects of special environments on glass, such as radioactivity, vacuums, gases, chemicals, and electricity.




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